A Demigod’s Cocoon Part 2

Life had almost come back to normal, between school and family. The incident had been forgotten some time back. Yet it seemed fate wasn’t done with the 24 year old woman with red-gold curls. It was the last class of the day when someone got inside the classroom and murmured something to the teacher, showing a piece of paper. As the other man turned and asked something also quite soft, the intruded shook head softly, empathizing his words with that slight movement. The teacher nodded and turned to the class.
     – We will take a 10 minute break before going on. Except miss Angela, please come with me.
     The woman went to see what was going on, and the first man, tall she noticed, guided her outside the classroom, shrouded in a deep silence which unnerved her. He took her to another room to speak with her.
     – There is something you need to know. Your fiancée, Alex, was in a car accident, and is injured-
     She did not listen to rest, barely knowing he would take her there with him, she walked outside to follow him.
     By the times they reached the hospital, she was more than nervous and just wanted to be there with her fiancée. She jumped out of the car, and before she could slam and push her way towards the receptionist, her father intercepted her with a hug that cracked her back, easing some of the numbness from her, and yet, had she been paying any attention . . .
     – No. No, it can’t be. Please, tell me it’s not – the soft whisper sounded in the cold, barren room.
     She leaned on the cold metallic “bed” to touch the lips of her fiancée. She did not register the hand that fell on her shoulder, her attention focused on that face implanted on her mind’s eye, touching his cheek, his arm, the strong muscles behind the skin seemed oddly cold, and oddly firm. She had known that heavenly body in more than one set of clothes and without anything covering his chest and arms, but now his arms seemed strangely lifeless.
     – No, please. Please Alex, open your eyes. Please. Tell me this is not true. Please…
     – Miss-
     – No, wake up, open your eyes. Please. My love
     – Angie-
     – No. No! Alex, please!
     – Please miss-
     – No, no!!! Alex, please! My love, wake up. Wake up!
     – Sir-
     – Angie!
     – No!! NO!! ALEX!!
     – Nurse! Bring some tranquilizers!
     The woman did not feel the sly pinprick from the needle in her arm while still fighting against anyone, just to reach the young man, lying naked and atop the metallic makeshift bed of the cold morgue, dark eyes forever closed. Mouth forever silent. There would be no more laughter from his throat. No more happy smiles, prising words, she would never feel his strong, warm arms wrapped around her body, heart pounding against his chest, even as she pounded on it, asking, demanding him to open his eyes and stop this joke, darkness kept gathering around her eyes, threatening to close in around her. With a last scream of unadulterated pain and fear, the young woman was dragged away from the dead boy’s body so he could be prepared for the rites of departure of his fleshly being, spirit already floating up and free as expected to be.



2 comentarios to “A Demigod’s Cocoon Part 2”

  1. Yey!
    Fate is determine to make the shell suffer until it breaks to set free the ethernal wrathful and insufferable Demigod
    Wonder what will happen next 😉

  2. o.oU even more?? hasn’t that shell of a self has suffered enough?

    wait, no, scratch that, it’s not enough 😛

    I need you to continue!!!!! ToT



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