A Demigod’s Cocoon… Part 1

Silence. Darkness. Floating in nothingness. Neither dead nor alive. Neither awake nor asleep. Neither here or there. Neither conscious nor unconscious. Seeing without though. Feeling without remembering. Smelling without being aware. Impossible to even have a though at all, like the stage when you’re neither asleep nor awake, but in between. Not even with instinct. It would have been impossible to say if the entity was part of the body, part of the soul, part of the mind, or part of the living heart of the creature. Impossible to say if it was an entity trapped and floating around like a cloud, like a thought, or the whole sky without being an actual sky.
     There was a sudden movement, a sudden light. Slowly the entity moved towards the light, not because it wanted or even thought to, or because it was being called upon, but because the currents were dragging it there. Slowly, inexorably, the hole in the void swallowed the entity, bringing forth the beginning of the end…
     Silent screams rang along the dark alley, while husky chuckles and low voices resonated on the dead shadows of the place. The girl knew she should not have taken the short-cut to her home, despite the fact that she had wanted to be there early and spend time with her family and her boy friend. She had wandered through that abandoned construction site, and had been caught by five guys, the thinnest of them was wider than her, while the rest could have overcome her by themselves without much problem. Her mind raced trying to deny what was happening, she was afraid of having her throat slitted and found naked in the alley for the morning press to talk about, yet while survival instinct yelled for defense, her mind screamed and denied and wished she hadn’t taken this road.
     She could smell their musky odor, so close to her now, hear their husky voices and gleeful intake of breath, could almost feel the movement of cloth against skin, metal against leather. She tried to ask, plead even, but her voice was caught in her throat. Things happened to fast to react, and yet too slow to forget or miss almost any detail, yet everything was murky and foggy. She felt her cloth teared from her, something tearing into her, while her eyes searched frantically for a way out. She was about to find her voice and yell, when something was shoved deep into her whimpering throat, while another husky voice close to her ear murmured
– Stay still and this will end soon. Yell or do something to make us angry and -the sound of another blade being unsheathed near her face made her flinch, while her mind treacherously worked with her senses to seal in her mind this night, when the temperature was low, her skin noticed the sweat on her body cooling fast, sending shivers down her spine, her eyes seeing no way out, her ears listening to delightful voices, low, deep throated moans and the sound of the bodies moving around, a cat yowling at something in the back, while her whole body trembled with terror, a raw cold that came from within, and pure pain as her body felt like it was being torn from inside out. Her tongue telling her she had dirt, sweat, and something else bitter in her mouth, while her mind kept trying to shut down.
     The cold rage suddenly exploded in her mind as some bitter liquid was thrust deep in her throat, making her choke at the time the body in front of her shuddered and a low sound of satisfaction left his throat, while someone pulled her head back by the hair, making some part of her mind be aware of her throat being exposed, but merciful darkness overcame her.
     Pain. That was the first thing he registered. As his mind groggily came back to him, as his muscles got connected to his brain. He exploded in righteous fury as his mind partly-registered the condition of his body. His dark blood-red aura enveloped his body as his fury showed what he could do to a body bare-handedly. Flesh gave way to his wrath, like wax in a flame. Bone became brittle branches in his hands while the pure rage of the demi-god made itself clear. Another time, another circumstances, and he would be laughing and enjoying the sweet, clean, sharp smell of the blood as it flowed through his hands, and smiled his cruel smile at the bitter, coppery taste of the lifeblood pouring out of his enemies, their sweet, terrified screams and yells and moans of the dead and dying were not enough for him to forget what was happening a moment ago, it only made his wrath more obvious, his desires to kill and destroy and rend dark flesh from white bones while allowing red blood to flow becoming more obvious as the moments passed.
     At last, after mere seconds, perhaps two minutes, the rage lost some of it’s power as it lost anything else to destroy and rip.
     Angela? – a voice at the other end of the alley whispered, scared, surprised, worried. The entity turned towards the source of the voice, and emotions and memories washed over it, making it loose it’s slight hold of consciousness.
     Alex… – the woman murmured. Shivering she took a couple of steps towards him, and he hastily took off his black raincoat to cover her in it.
     He looked back at the dark alley before taking her home, taking one last glance at where the uneasy smell came from.



2 comentarios to “A Demigod’s Cocoon… Part 1”

  1. Excelent setting, had me on the verge of yelling, got confuse about the transgender stuff, but then it all made perfect sense!
    And then alex came and we got back to the world of what? who? when?

    Great begining Deimos! 🙂

  2. hehe, so it’s going as planned. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    got questions? ask tigs 😛


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